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Meg is a Certified Holistic Nutritionist that specializes in postpartum care. Since 2015, Small Batch Wellness has been working to nourish new families locally throughout the Seacoast and virtually throughout the US.


She believes that by blending traditional ways with modern-day science, we can create a postpartum that honors the individual’s path to wellness.

Purposeful Nourishment is a local grocery + goods delivery service curated for the family who just had a baby serving the seacoast area in Southern Maine + New Hampshire. Favoring local farms + shops, doorstep deliveries are hand picked to deeply nourish healing birthgivers as they navigate the early moments of parenthood.

The Postpartum Kitchen is an online database for families interested in including food as an active form of healing in the postpartum. Highlighting Postnatal Depletion Spectrum, navigate this unique time confidently with access to this resource library. A simple, versatile approach focussed on gut rebuilding, hormone balancing, and blood building while being anti-inflammatory AND anti-bounce back. This resource is in beta.

Anchored + Balanced is a partnership with Alicia Sawtell of Birth Strong Doula. It encompasses the best of both worlds blending in person postpartum care with specific nourishment planning. 

Meg decided to focus her nutrition practice on serving postpartum families for the year after childbirth. Blending her holistic nutrition studies and her enthusiasm for Ayurveda, and culinary medicine, she feels that parents need support longer than the traditional Fourth Trimester/maternity leave to heal and nourish their new body and family. 


This is NOT about getting back to your original dress size but about healing, nourishing and supporting this profound change. Rejecting the bounce back culture we have in the US, and working with parents with her no-diet approach.


A word about Holistic Nutrition Studies:

It's important to understand that the term 'nutritionist' is unregulated just like herbalist or doula. People who call themselves 'Nutritionists' may have different levels of education -from Masters level to a quickie weekender course. Many professionals (like Meg) that use these terms have indeed gone through accredited studies, exams, continued education requirements, & certifying hours dedicated to learning. The details on Meg's early certifying Holistic Nutrition studies can be found at this link. 




  • Culinary Medicine (CHEF COACHING PROGRAM through Harvard Medical School- Current 2022

  • Kundalini Teacher Training - Current 2022

  • Ayurvedic Dietetics with Dr. Athale - 2021

  • Yoga Nidra Teacher Training - 2020

  • Restorative Yoga Teacher Training 2020

  • Women's Health Nutrition Academy
    Postpartum Recovery & Nutrient Repletion - Women's Health Nutritional Academy with Lily Nichols, RD - 2019
    Breastfeeding + Nutrients

  • Ayurvedic Postpartum Doula Training  - 2018

  • Fourth Trimester Food with MagaMama & Centehua Sage - 2018

  • Reiki I - 2016

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