Grown from the desire to try to live with limited exposure to toxins, recognizable ingredients, and minimal packaging, our humble beginning stems from a love of plant-medicine & holistic approach to self-care and nutrition counseling.


Formally established in 2015, Small Batch Wellnesses foundation is in simple plant-based science, biology, and nutrient-dense choices. 

Originally nestled in Amish country in Pennsylvania, SBW Headquarters recently moved to New England.  Megan & Josh continue to hone their recipes, be transparent about our ingredients and commit to a sustainable business approach. 


Meg decided to focus her nutrition practice on serving postpartum families for the year after childbirth. Blending her holistic nutrition studies and her enthusiasm for Ayurveda, TCM, and herbalism, she feels that mothers need support longer than the traditional 4th trimester/maternity leave to heal and nourish their new body and family. This is NOT about getting back to your original dress size but about healing, nourishing and supporting this profound change. Rejecting the bounce back culture we have in the US, and working with mothers with her no-diet approach. 


Summer 2018, Meg was the recipient of a scholarship for TWO Postpartum Doula studies. Although she has no plans to work as a PP Doula, she feels as though any insight and knowledge gained by these studies will only serve to assist her postpartum clients.


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Josh received his Bachelors of Science in Biology in 2014 and is currently furthering his education. His knowledge of chemistry and plant science impact SBW on a daily basis.


Additionally, SBW continues to create occasional self-care items seasonally and in small batches.  While it is true that our skin is the largest organ, sometimes the fact that we also have very busy lives means that we neglect, cheat and generally take care of ourselves last. We overpay for vague terms like "natural" or "botanical". Our goal is to keep it fresh, affordable and make it easy for you. 

Serving the Seacoast in Maine,
New Hampshire, Massachusetts & Beyond

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