What is Holistic Nutrition?

Holistic Nutrition is a multi-facet approach to wellness focused on the connection between food as a whole and how it affects you. It includes a wider, more comprehensive scope, not just macronutrients, waist size, scale readings, calorie counting, and other reductionist methods.  A Holistic Nutritionist is educated to recognize that each person is biochemically different and works with their client to develop the best health plan for optimal wellness through education and customized nutritional plans.

A Certified Holistic Nutritionist May Perform Any Of The Following Tasks, But Not Limited To:


  •  Counsel clients on rules of good holistic nutrition, healthy wholesome eating habits,
        and nutrition monitoring to improve their quality of life.


  •  Nutrition Counseling & Interviewing with comprehensive Dietary Assessment
         including goal setting & long-term plan of action 
    Assess optimal nutritional needs; assess diet restrictions and current health plans; 
         develop and implement nutritional plans and provide nutritional counseling using 
         Transtheoretical Model, Motivational Interviewing, Nutritional Counseling Algorithm,

         Energy Determinations, Physical Assessment, Documentation/Charting (ADIME) 

  •  Behavior Change Strategies & Making Behavior Change Last 

  •  Role of A Nutrition Counselor in Physical Activity Counseling 

  •  Group Counseling 

  •  Advise on nutritional principles, food plans and diet modifications, and food selection and preparation.

  •  Organize, develop, analyze, test, and prepare optimal meal plans
         such as low-fat, low-cholesterol, plant-based and chemical-free meals.

  •  Advise on habits for consciously eating healthy foods that promote vibrant physical
        and mental health, while supporting a strong immune system and preventing disease.

  •  Advising patients on buying organic & alternatives, taking supplements,
        and other nutritional considerations.

  •  Discuss the differences in scope of practice for Holistic Nutrition, Dieticians, Nutritionists 

  •  Discuss the differences in scope of practice for Health &  Wellness Coaches 

Megan believes in the no-diet diet with a focus on whole foods & individuality.

No gimmicks, no one is going to try to sell you a specific product or tell you one diet fits all. She will work with you to help you reach your specific health goals and live a more health-filled life.


In the winter of 2017, Megan finished her certification in Holistic Nutrition with AFPA.

The coursework is accredited by American Naturopathic Medical Accreditation Board, and by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners, and  National Association of Nutrition Professionals

In the Summer of 2018, she has shifted her focus toward all areas of Postpartum Nutrition including studying Ayurvedic & TCM approaches.  She was also granted two scholarships for Postpartum Doula and Ayurvedic Postpartum studies which she hopes will give her additional insight and knowledge to the entire postpartum experience.