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Although we love popping by and making food, investing in a full comprehensive holistic approach to your postpartum is our favorite.

The Mother Nourishing is the most thorough plan we offer and includes are more detailed onboarding and aftercare that goes beyond the meals we make.


Simply put, It allows us to reserve time for you in advance so a smoother, more seamless plan is already in place when baby arrives. Unlike the other packages, we block off the calendar for you and allows us to be prepared with items on hand. 

The visits can be spread throughout the 90 days and offer a full spectrum of nutritional services, virtual support & onsight cooking.


Comprehensive  Planning

  • Onsite Meal Services:

  • Postpartum Care Plan:
    We will talk about a plan covering generalized support, meal plans and easy grab & go shopping lists.

  • Postpartum Recipes:   as needed

  • Priority  Booking

  • Ongoing Support:   As things pop up, we chat, we message, we email, we discuss, we plan. We use all forms of modern communication but our favorite is the Marco Polo video messaging app since it’s easy and quick and the closest thing to having an in-person conversation. We also love Snapchat, Whats App, Skype, GChat, Texts and Calls too!

  • Enlist Help:
    We will talk about enlisting the help of friends and family as well as steer them with specific ways to help you. Everything from a meal train, recommended recipes, and even a drop off /prep schedule. We can send information that can be printed & shared amongst family and friends.

  • Perinatal Professionals:
    Referrals to professionals that are local to the mother including Postpartum Doulas, Chiropractors, Acupuncturists, Lactation Specialists as well as local Mothering Support Groups.

  • It takes a village:
    We will work together to build up a village of support around you so you feel supported and heard.

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How it works...

This is everything listed in the Postpartum Warming package and more. It includes a bit more guidance with postnatal repletion,extended care and booking options through 90 days postpartum, gets preferred booking dates.

  • 3 visits at $285 with $250 of that going towards your selections (food, service, product). 

  • 6 visits at $560 with $525 going towards your selections (food, service, product). 

  • Full Menu of Food & Service Selections made available after our Exploratory First Chat. 

Coming into my second pregnancy, I knew I wanted my postpartum recovery to be and feel different than my first. I stumbled upon Meg from a mutual friend and learned about the Ayurvedic approach

for postpartum Mothers. Meg provided me with a wealth of knowledge of how I could nurture myself while I was amongst one of the most vulnerable states after having my son.

She came into my home, made me a week worth of meals,

and I didn’t even need to leave the couch. This food supported and healed my body on a level I never knew existed.

For days after her visit and care, my body craved the nourishment 

she had prepped and prepared for me in my home.

I highly recommend her talent and knowledge for

any postpartum Mama looking for a rejuvenating recovery.  ~ Liza Witonis

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