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Doula Partnering

A Postpartum Doula partnership is the perfect way for a doula to get their client some additional guidance & support.  Together, we can advocate for new mothers on a deeper level that benefits the entire family unit.  Partnering doulas and their clients receive personal one on one consultations.  Whether remote or local, Meg works alongside the doula to complement and enhance postpartum care plans.  

Doulas will gain:

  • A deeper understanding of the role of food & herbs in postpartum. 

  • Fourth Trimester step by step recipes to be used to cook and share with clients.

  • Basic Ayurvedic Principles including Abhyanga


Clients will gain:

  • An individualized overview to focus on the nutritional repletion after pregnancy.  

  • Lactation

  • Access to the Hundred Days protocol + Matrescence






with nutritional & herbal repletion, step by step Fourth Trimester recipes, access to the Hundred Days protocol.


Workshops & Classes

Offering (solo class, workshop or grouped workshop): This can be a range of basic information to a much more in-depth discussion. As little as an hour and up to 3.5 hours and can be paired with additional postpartum professionals - i.e. babywearing, lactation support, herbalism (which I touch on), chiropractic work, pelvic floor education, yoga, massage. 


Topics discussed may include:

  • Understanding the Fourth Trimester

  • An overview of depletion and the need for deep rest.

  • Importance of easily digestible foods

  • Nourishing recipes to create balance, repair and revitalize.

  • Shopping Lists & Pantry Stock Up

  • Enlisting help and moving beyond a meal train.

  • Mothering Professionals - It takes a village after all





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