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For requests for guest posts, recipe development, and nutritional article writing, please email


Workshops & Classes~

Offering (solo class, workshop or grouped workshop): This can be a range of basic information to a much more in-depth discussion. As little as an hour and up to 3.5 hours and can be paired with additional postpartum professionals - i.e. babywearing, lactation support, herbalism (which I touch on), chiropractic work, pelvic floor education, yoga, massage. 


Topics discussed may include:

  • Understanding the Fourth Trimester

  • An overview of depletion and the need for deep rest.

  • Importance of easily digestible foods

  • Nourishing recipes to create balance, repair and revitalize.

  • Shopping Lists & Pantry Stock Up

  • Enlisting help and moving beyond a meal train.

  • Mothering Professionals - It takes a village after all





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