Summer Sessions

July 2 / July 7: Session 1

August 4 / August 6: Session 2

Sept 8 / Sep 10: Session 3


Fall Sessions

Oct 1 / Oct 6: Session 1

Nov 3 / Nov 5: Session 2

Dec 1 / Dec 3: Session 3

Small Batch Wellness is thrilled to (finally) be offering some opportunities for birthworkers seeking to deepen their practice and skill set. These sessions will be a preview (or mini-course) of The Postpartum Kitchen course for perinatal professionals to be launched in the future. We will discuss a variety of topics ranging from building cooking skills in the kitchen to balancing the postpartum body to deepening your understanding of nutrition + nourishment of the Postpartum Body. The sessions will be instructed by Meg, a Holistic Nutritionist that specializes in postpartum care. She is the owner/founder of Small Batch Wellness, Purposeful Nourishment and The Postpartum Kitchen. 


Learn more about Meg and Small Batch Wellness



Session 1: The Postpartum Body

  • The Pillars of Care + Rituals of Care

  • Postpartum Body

  • Postnatal Depletion Spectrum

  • Nutrients in play

  • Blood Building, Hormone Balance, Gut Rebuilding


Session 2: An Overview of Postpartum Nourishment 

  • Traditional Postpartum

  • Culinary Medicine: Cooking techniques

  • Enriching Foods: Enhancing Flavor + Increasing Nutrient load

  • Pantry Powerhouses

  • Intolerances, Allergies, Food Dogmas, Simple Swaps


Session 3: Prep + Cook

  • Preparing your client and their support system

  • Kitchen Audit

  • Pantry and Freezer Prep

  • Tools + Equipment

  • Recipes for Early Days + First 6 Weeks

Full Series: $55 

Participants that complete all 3 sessions will receive a certificate of completion and digital badge from The Postpartum Kitchen. Additionally, participants may book a private session with Meg to target desired skills, knowledge and give individualized guidance at a discounted rate. Participants can come to the Thursday night session or the Saturday morning session.  



Single Session: $20

Single sessions are available. You are welcome to mix and match the Spring/Summer Sessions with the Fall Sessions for increased scheduling flexibility.





It is my goal to keep this work affordable, accessible, flexible, and inclusive.   

Please reach out if we can make this more accessible and affordable for you.

The skill level is appropriate for beginners and intermediate level. 

We will offer duplicate sessions, so you can choose to attend the Thursday evening session or the Saturday morning session. Thursdays are at 7pm and Saturdays are at 9am.  Each session is approximately 60 to 75 minutes long. Here are the dates:




Summer Sessions

July 2 / July 7: Session 1

August 4 / August 6: Session 2

Sept 8 / Sep 10: Session 3


Fall / Winter Sessions

Oct 1 / Oct 6: Session 1

Nov 3 / Nov 5: Session 2

Dec 1 / Dec 3: Session 3



Workshops & Classes

Offering (solo class, workshop or grouped workshop):

This can be a range of basic information to a much more in-depth discussion.

As little as twenty minutes and up to 3.5 hours. 


Topics discussed may include:

Pregnancy + Postpartum Nutrition

Understanding the Fourth Trimester

An overview of depletion and the need for deep rest.

Importance of easily digestible foods

Nourishing recipes to create balance, repair and revitalize.

Shopping Lists & Pantry Stock Up

Enlisting help and moving beyond a meal train.

Culinary Medicine


For requests for guest posts, recipe development, and nutritional article writing, please send me an email.!