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White Rice? Not Brown?

Ahhh.. yes, this is something that comes up enough to make a separate post about.

Sure, we are advocating for a more ancient & traditional whole foods, not processed eating approach - and white rice by definition is indeed processed. It feels safe to say that generally brown rice is considered 'healthier' than white rice. The evidence on why is pretty clear and we agree that in our day to day lives, eating brown rice is preferred. That being said, we've made it pretty clear that we aren't in a regular, day to day time when we are immediately postpartum. The postpartum body is in a unqiue state and we can move through it by choose gently foods.

Bottom line: White rice goes under the category ' exceptions to the rule (like avocado, banana and egg) .

Let's also get a grip here - no one should be lumping white rice in to the same category as highly processed and refine white flour or white sugar. It's not.

Brown rice is brown because it’s got the bran on it. White rice is just rice with the bran and germ removed. In the end, this is a starch which is converted to glucose. What does our body need to survive? GLUCOSE.

White rice sits higher on the glycemic index (we know that the GI though isn't a great indicator of the value of food though, right? We aren't that reductionist around here - we are holistic, remember?

But there is a case for white 'organic' rice - i'ts not an empty carb.

We don't have time to worry about gastrointestinal issues or triggers that can happen with brown rice. While there is more fiber, fiber isn't the end all be all right now.

We are eating for a period of time and

Moderation while moving towards layering in brown rice after 6 weeks is a good idea.

"Phytic acid is located in the bran of the grain. The milling process used to change brown rice to white rice removes the phytate. This is probably one of the only times where refining a food potentially has a positive value."


When it comes to digestion, white rice is considerably better. Brown rice can cause gastrointestinal problems, block the absorption of macronutrients, and in some cases can cause allergic reactions, mostly due to that phytic acid left when the grain isn’t refined. White rice is lighter, and being lower in fiber and acid allows for it to digest much easier than its counterpart, which is ideal for a pre or post-workout meal."

"The goal of the athlete and lifter is supplying adequate amounts of macronutrients to fuel extreme training and replenish severely depleted glycogen stores. "

Many athletes prefer white rice etc etc

What's just like a crazy, intense work out? Labor and Delivery!

Rice is considered a clean carb and athletes often turn to it after an intense session/compettion/ game etc/

But in Postpartum, we aren't necessarily trying to carb load -

If you were tolerating brown rice in pregnancy, it's probably okay in postpartum BUT if blood sugars were not an issue, it's ideal to stick with organic white basmati because it is WAY better digested.


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