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"“The ideal postpartum period will be anchored by a calm environment that will hold you as you rest, recover and tend to your baby; supportive people who will step in, a strong and resilient relationship with your partner, and small rituals of self care." The First Forty Days


I am so glad you are here. Taking this step is going to deeply impact your future. Together, we can work to ensure you feel supported, nurtured, nourished and beloved.


Strategies for success for a supported, restful & repleted postpartum can be strengthened when we think and talk about what the Pillars of Care looks like in the big picture. Deep Rest, Deep Nourishment and Receiving.

Receiving = Community Care:

Creating a support team ~ The word “team” is used because one person, especially if it's your partner, will not be enough to carry the load by themselves. Organizing your team is exponentially easier before baby comes. Most people will be overjoyed to help during this very special time and appreciate the specific guidance on how best to help.


Ultimately (and specifically in the first 3 weeks), it is the goal to have the person who has given birth be IN THE BED for the 1st week postpartum, TOUCHING THE BED in the 2nd week, and doing ZERO chores (meal prep, dishes, laundry, cleaning, tidying up, pet care, hosting) for the 3rd week.

Beyond the first 21 days, rest & replenishment are still paramount. This along with bonding with babe, are top of mind. It’s time to be gentle with yourself and slow it all down. Reject the “bounce-back culture” and stand in the powerful, ancestral knowledge that help is needed.

Thank you so much for your commitment to a healthy, revitalized postpartum.Having an understanding that this unique time in a new family's life is both fleeting and intensive, it is our aim to help relieve the large and important task of preparing the kitchen.

Purposeful Nourishment was born from the desire to find new ways to assist postpartum families in a pandemic. The backbone of the work Small Batch Wellness does is prepare deeply nourishing foods for new parents IN their home - as you can imagine an unknown virus means that many people aren't comfortable with this. As with many small businesses, this pandemic requires us to think differently and explore new avenues of support.

Food has been used since the dawn of time for healing and replenishment. Pregnancy, Labor, Delivery, Postpartum and Breastfeeding all have unique nutrient demands on the body. Quite often, new parents are left without an opportunity to fully ____ in the following.

Often called a Sacred Window Etc

Assemble a team

/ village /community/ conduits of care: Loved Ones, Trusted Ones, the Inner Circle, The Circle of Trust. :) You get the drift. These are your people. Perhaps you are related to them, perhaps not. They may not be able to be present in your day to day life but there are plenty of ways for them to help. From the inner circle to the outer, think of these folks as your village of care. Thinking beyond sweet baby onesies, diaper cakes and ____, think of the people you select in this group like bridesmaid. OR advocate

Invite them into you plan with some fanfare - impressing upon them your desire to have a postpartum in which you have ever opportunity to rest. To be treated like a queen

Meal Train

You probably are familiar with this concept and I say that it is something to take full advantage of. Depending on how intricate you feel like you want to get, meal trains can be helpful for rounding out the planning and taking the load off. Often, the food dropped off is not specifically postpartum friendly but is perfect for partners and siblings.

ABOUT SMALL BATCH WELLNESS For those that aren't familiar with Small Batch Wellness and our approach to the Fourth Trimester, here are some things to check out.

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