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Warming Almond Date Shake

Blanching the Almonds & Dates for the shake

5 Medjool Dates

16-20 Whole Almonds

  1. Take the pit out of the Medjool dates. Place in a glass bowl with very warm (not boiling water).

  2. In a separate glass bowl, put almonds and boiled water together.  

  3. Let almonds sit 10 minutes, dump water and refresh with new boiling water (or longer)

  4. Squeeze the almonds between your fingers, one at a time, and be careful they don't shoot across the room! 

  5. Put them in another bowl and rinse them when all are done. If they start sticking again, just add a little fresh boiled water on rinsed almonds. 

  6. Don't let the almonds dry out before using. So feel free to leave in warm water until you are ready to make the shake.

For the Shake: Soaked Dates

Soaked Peeled Almonds

Big Pinch of  Cardamom Powder

1 1/4 Cups of Whole Milk or Nut Milk

1 Cup of Water

  1. Put all ingredients except milk in blender and blend 

  2. Put milk in a small pot on stove and gently, slowly heat. Watch closely, once it starts to gently boil add remaining ingredients, mix and turn off.


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