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Vital Energy Daily Tonic


2 CUPS Filtered water 1.5 TBS Gotu Kola 1.5 TBS Tulsi (Holy Basil) 1/2" Fresh Ginger, minced (or 1 teaspoon dried ginger powder) 1/2 TSP Honey 1 TSP Coconut Oil

1/4 TSP Black Strap Molasses 1 TSP Fresh Squeezed Lemon Juice


  • Bring water to a gentle simmer

  • Pour over Gotu Kola and Tulsi and let steep for 20 minutes, then strain

  • Add ginger, honey, MCT oil, and lemon juice.

  • Blend with immersion blender until creamy

  • Drink immediately


Drink in Morning or Mid-Morning

One a day for NO LONGER THAN TWO WEEKS, then take a two week break.

Good anytime in the postpartum.

More on Gotu Kola - not safe while pregnant.

More on Tulsi


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