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Toppings + Accoutrement

Because porridge is so versatile, there are a lot of directions you can go with the little lovelies on top.It can (and often will) be different each time and thankfully is very forgiving as long as you haven’t over salted. If you are geared more towards breakfast, lunch or dinner, you can switch around what you place on top.

If you are freezing , I recommend mixing in MOST of the toppings that you intend to freeze (vs just leaving on top). When you reheat, you can add some fresh items on top.

Toppings for Healing Congee

The first picture shown is how I typically prepare Healing Congee for new parent. Sweet potato, medium egg (or jammy egg), cilantro lime chicken thighs, really well cooked bok choy (any wilted (well cooked) green will work), a little green onion, cilantro and nuts.

All of the above is prepared in the cast iron pan. I first cook the cilantro lime thighs, once they are done I quick pass under the faucet and scoop out left over little pieces. Essentially rinse (don't clean) the pan so that the flavor is there but any greasy parts are gone. Then I reheat and cook the sweet potato and throw in the green item (depending on what it is) once the sweet potato is done. Then I finish with cooking the nuts for a bit. Leaving the green onion and cilantro uncooked.

Please note (if you are using an Instant Pot, you can put the cut sweet potato in the porridge when it's cooking. It will be perfect and soft when done.

is in the order that is typically prepared using one cast

iron. Start with the marinated meat, then rinse (but don’t

clean) the pan and cook the veggies in it (unless using root

veggies which should be roasted in the oven).


Meat should be used sparingly. It is not the star of the show, it is just anther add on. Find your favorite marinate and leave it for an hour or two (or more) before preparing the congee.

My favorites are a Cilantro Lime or a Maple Soy.

Prepare in Cast Iron Pan with ghee, gently cooking. Set aside on plate, do not cut! Keep the juices in the pan

3/4 lb Chicken Thighs


This can be whatever you want from beets to carrots to

asparagus. Look for what is fresh. If within the first 10 days

postpartum, avoid brassicas/cruciferous such as brussel

sprouts, cauliflower, broccoli. Many veggies can be cooked

one at a time in the cast iron pan that was used for the

chicken. Use ghee liberally to coat hot cast iron, place

veggies in there until done. You may at a tablespoon of water

and cover to help steam veggies a bit softer. We don’t want to

fry these, they should be soft but with some color. Salt and

pepper when first in pan.

1 Sweet Potato, organic

1 - 2 Baby Bok Choy


These are always the top layer.

1 -2 Green Onion, sliced

To Taste Fresh Cilantro

To Taste Ghee (liberal use)

To Taste Sesame Oil

To Taste Pure Maple Syrup, drops

1- 2 Soft boiled egg, marinated in soy and maple.


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