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The Newborn Parent & why they need nourishing

As mentioned in my previous post, postpartum simply refers to a time after birth. In todays bounce back society, many parents are pushed to get back to "pre-baby weight". This makes me want to swear...loudly. While I understand the sentiment of feeling like your old self, it's pretty terrible to say .....

The postpartum body, whether it's the first or 4th child, needs the opportunity to focus on healing and nourishing yourself and the baby. THAT'S IT. I realize that this sounds like a statement of privilege but please do not misunderstand me - I mean this for parents who go back to work right away - for parents who aren't breastfeeding, for parents who have all the time in the world - in other words - everyone!

You have literally changed the chemistry of your body. This transition requires a change in nutrition at a time when often the last thought is about themselves. Energy is depleted and quite literally your body is depleted of blood and fluids. There is also a vacancy in your body where a baby was once nestled. Restoring the balance in the body is the goal.

"Maternity Leave" is a laughable term, especially here in the US. Many other cultures cherish & prioritize this time. Concepts like the 4th trimester may sound new but the roots of "taking time" are cemented as far back as 5000 years ago.

Let's talk approach:

The foundation of SBW's approach is in Holistic Nutrition. This means fresh, plant-based whole foods are prevalent. Supporting the gut and digestion while eliminating processed foods & refined sugars - an overall anti-inflammatory approach which benefits all body types and addresses many ailments straightaway. We combine this with time-honored methods pulling from Ayurveda & Traditional Chinese Medicine. These methods may use words we aren't always familiar with but make no mistake, this early medicine is tested and actively used by millions today.

After undergoing this profound change, mother's need warming, fulfilling foods. This is a time period that RAW foods should be avoided. Foods should be a combination of satiety, cooked fruits and vegetables. In Ayurveda, meat is a bit of a rarity. So while it doesn't need to be completely avoided, it's not your main source of food/protein. Some exceptions to this might be a proper, nutrient dense bone broth and organ meats. We focus on supporting the body through the same foods that you will introduce early to your baby - well cooked veggies, porridges, soups with grounding broths and uber beneficial ghee.


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