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You're about 32 weeks!

You are likely feeling full of baby and full of the desire to nest. This is the perfect time to square away the kitchen for postpartum. Be sure to check out the post on Postpartum Kitchen + FREEZER FUN and ensure you have what you need to get things going once you've received the FOUNDATIONAL PREPARE Pack. This is the bulk of your pantry items from us.

The goal with this round of cooking is to fill out your freezer with warming, nourishing foods that are ideal in early postpartum. Should the baby arrive early, you will have a stock of items ready to go to help create an easier transition in a busy, exciting time.

Reminder: Whether you are doing one recipe at a time or having a full day of cooking, we recommend adhering to the standard culinary method of MISE EN PLACE. Get prepped and double check that you have everything ahead of cooking. While I will never make you read endless musings about a recipe before giving you the recipe, it's wise to read through things in its entirety to prevent surprises.


In general, these are all Warming + Easily Digestible + Satiating

  • Congee / Kanjee / Jook / Chinese Porridge / Rice Porridge / Porridge

  • Kitchari / Kitchaldi / Indian Porridge / Porridge

  • Toppings for the above

  • Seasonal Pureed Soups - Maple Roasted Root Vegetables

  • Stewed Fruits

  • Herbal Infusions

Please take a look over the Master Recipe list but here are few others that you might like to try:

  • Garlic + Ghee Cast Iron Chicken: This one is for the whole family to eat NOW. It's a lovely meal to enjoy and then you can pull any extra chicken to use elsewhere AND use the carcass to make the Sipping Bone Broth recipe below

Assemble a team

/ village /community/ conduits of care: Loved Ones, Trusted Ones, the Inner Circle, The Circle of Trust. :) You get the drift. These are your people. Perhaps you are related to them, perhaps not. They may not be able to be present in your day to day life but there are plenty of ways for them to help. From the inner circle to the outer, think of these folks as your village of care. Thinking beyond sweet baby onesies, diaper cakes and ____, think of the people you select in this group like bridesmaid. OR advocate

Invite them into you plan with some fanfare - impressing upon them your desire to have a postpartum in which you have ever opportunity to rest. To be treated like a queen

Meal Train

You probably are familiar with this concept and I say that it is something to take full advantage of. Depending on how intricate you feel like you want to get, meal trains can be helpful for rounding out the planning and taking the load off. Often, the food dropped off is not specifically postpartum friendly but is perfect for partners and siblings.


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