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Week One: Baby is here!

Yay!!!! You did it - we knew you could. No matter how the baby was born - you did beautifully - it was meant to be! :)

I am here to remind you and your entire community that the birthgiver's job is to REST + BOND. Remember the Pillars of Care: Deep Rest, Deep Nourishment and Receiving. This entire week only get out of bed to use the bathroom, visit your care provider, exchange the air in your lungs and gently circulate your blood. You are in bed! Do all the things in bed- eat, sleep, bond, heal, read, nurse, sweat, and love from the bed.


You will receive your first FRESHIE delivery this week.

Seasonally, this will change a bit but in general you can expect:

  • A dozen local pasture raised eggs.

  • 2 - 3 avocados

  • 2 - 3 sweet potatoes


These first weeks are all about easily digestible, warming foods. Pull from the freezer, the congee and the kitchari. These two types foods are the most perfect vehicle for nourishment right now.

You may have chosen to freeze your porridges with some goodies/toppings/accouterment already in the compostable container OR you may have some that need fresh food to be layered on top.

Congee accoutrement

Kitchari accoutrement

Additionally, early on we recommend you eat some STEWED FRUITS to help with the first visits to the bathroom. While the first postpartum poop is infamous, these foods along with some mental and physical prep will make it all much easier.

Beyond what we've already sent, here are some recipes that loved ones could prepare for you.

  • First Days Digestive Tea

  • Simple Spiced Milk

  • Warming Date Shake

This first week the hormones are in full swing. Lots of emotion and lots of bodily fluids. If you are breastfeeding, your colostrum will come in and make then make way for more mature milk.


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