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Simple & Straightforward: Nourishing Recipes That Anyone Can Make

And please do! These are made with the intention of benefiting the new parent in your life. New parents need these healthful, easily digestible foods that nudge the body gently towards replenishment and revitalization. Cooking is a deeply personal act and of benefit to both the receiver and the giver.

That being said, these are to be enjoyed by all. Generally, the idea is that they can be made in one or two cooking vessels (instant pot for the win!) with a minimalist approach. We can get heady on the herbs and spices as they are specific to balancing out the mother but in the end, the result is flavorful.

When we obsess about a recipe, we are focussed on....

> Would a loved one be able to make this for a postpartum family?

> Can we take a minimalist approach to this so that we can spend the effort on the fortifying with supportive herbs and spices? Think one or two pots

> Eventually (ideally after their 4th Trimester), would a new mum be able to easily make this?

> Lastly, is it adaptable and possible to breathe a fresh life into it? We want to use the whole food to it's furthest extent possible. Helps to keep food waste to a minimum by stretching the food and reimagining it. More on this later....


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