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Simple Sauteed Mushrooms

Mushrooms are incredible for you. You really can just grab whatever you see BUT I tend to do a mix of shiitake, crimini, button and maybe one other seasonal option. Mushrooms in general should not be eaten raw - always cook these buggers.


  • One Pound of Mushrooms (see above), lightly wiped down

  • Ghee

  • S + P


  1. Rough Chop (although you could slice but I like them almost in a large mince). 

  2. In a cast iron, heat Ghee (butter is ok), once melted add mushrooms. They will release their water and it will evaporate leaving non slimy tastiness. 

  3. Add S + P - I tend to go heavy on black course pepper and white pepper.  Excellent mixed in with quinoa, rice, eggs or just a plain side.


  • When to eat: OK for Week 4 and beyond.

  • Fresh only: Freezing would lead to slimly mushies and no one wants that.

  • Modifications/ optimize: Did you know that if you place the caps of mushrooms (gills up) in the sun for even just 20 minutes, it increases their vitamin D content? This is one of the main reasons we are eating mushrooms


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