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Shopping Lists

TWO IMPORTANT POINTS BEFORE STARTING 1. This is organized by recipe and is meant to include ONLY the ingredients that we will NOT be delivering.You may not need to actually shop for these items as many are run of the mill everyday ingredients and you may already have them sitting in your pantry.

2. If you choose to make more recipes from the database, ?????????????????????????



[ ] Filtered Water

[ ] s & p

[ ]


[ ]

[ ]

[ ]

Accouterment for Congee or Kitchari

[ ] sesame seed

[ ] sesame oil

[ ] egg

[ ] sweet potato

[ ] coconut milk

[ ]

[ ] [ ]

Bison Hand Pies

[ ] phyllo dough (you will have extra and might like to try making these phyllo cups and freezing too)

[ ] mushroom of choice


[ ] chicken livers

[ ] butter

[ ] thyme

[ ] egg


[ ] lemon

[ ] egg yolk

[ ]

[ ]

Beet Fritters

[ ] beets

[ ] garlic

[ ] leaves of sage

[ ] onion

[ ] Tsp ginger powder

[ ] Egg

[ ] Sprinkles of bread crumbs to bring together

[ ] Salt and pepper

New Mama Jam

[ ] frozen berry

[ ] chia

Stewed Fruit

[ ]

Balancing Bites

[ ] cacao

[ ] raw nuts


Suggested Meal Menu for

Week 1 and 2 are about the same:

Sipping Bone Broth

Simmer + Smile Mushroom Powerhouse Immunity Broth

Kitchari (base can be frozen) with seasonal accouterment

Congee (base can be frozen)

Carrot Ginger Lemongrass Soup

Sesame cashew quinoa

Veggie Fried Rice

Rosemary Maple Beets

Mothers Snack of Dates

Mothers snack of Avocado

Mothers sneak jammie egg (after day 5)

Chicken Liver Pate (make ahead freeze)

Cilantro Lime (prep ahead) chicken

Stewed Fruit

Ghee and Infused ghee

Balancing Bites

Warming Oats

Honey sticks (postpartum honey)

Herbal Infusions

Milk Tonics, Golden Milk,

Warming Cacao

Trio Tea: ginger, lemon, honey....

Trio Tea: tulsi, ashwagandha and cardamon

Trio Tea:

Warm Date and Almond Shake

Mixed Berry Chia Jam

Chia Pudding

Week 3 and on

Quick Avgolemono

Simple Salmon Cast Iron

(Double recipe for leftovers)

Garlic and Ghee Cast Iron Chicken

Classic Chicken Vegetable Quinoa Soup

Maple Pots de creme (lily nichols)

Egg Custard

Beet Fritters

Honey Molasses Thighs

Broth Bowl:

Grain Bowl

Spiced Nuts (make ahead)

Gently cooked soft scrambled eggs with extra yokes, ghee and nooch

Week 456

Fish strew

Mushroom Rissoto (make ahead and freeze immediately)

Stuffed Squash

Peanut Butter Banana Blender Muffins

Convenience Snacks

Cottage cheese??


Beef Jerky

Hard boiled egg

Take out;

Miso soup after week 3

Pho minus the sriracha and spice

Fifth trimester

Lettuce cups


Buffalo chicken meatballs


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