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Curated Recipes for the Postpartum

The world is full of wonderfully perfect recipes that work within the acute postpartum window. We are always gathering new recipes here!

Chicken Liver Pate (make ahead freeze)

Honey sticks (postpartum honey)

Warm Date and Almond Shake

Week 3 and on

Maple Pots de creme (lily nichols)

Honey Molasses Thighs

Broth Bowl:

Grain Bowl

Spiced Nuts (make ahead)

Gently cooked soft scrambled eggs with extra yokes, ghee and nooch

Week 456

Fish strew

Mushroom Rissoto (make ahead and freeze immediately)

Stuffed Squash

Peanut Butter Banana Blender Muffins

Fifth trimester

Lettuce cups



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