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Pantry Audit + Inventory

Sorry to get all task driven on you but since PPN doesn't provide every single ingredient and just like with the kitchen tools needed, you probably have many of these items already. We want to deepen and widen your pantry for this unique phase in a families life, it makes sense to start off with an overall inventory of items we aren't providing to ensure we are all on the same page. Many of these things won't go bad and will last you well beyond your postpartum. Please try and remember that food is medicine and this is an investment in your health.

This whole list should be considered but the bold items are especially important. We will also provide you with a shopping list for these items as well.

General Shelf Stable or Freezer Stable Foods:

  • Apple Cider Vinegar: This is used here and there. A nice switchel recipe to a fortifying heartburn helper, ACV with the mother is the way to go. Ideally Organic Braggs but just make sure there is a cloudy, ghostly little mother lingering in the bottle.

  • Coconut Oil

  • Sesame Oil: This warming oil is a friend to most postpartum people. We will use lots of this tasty oil both in our food and on the body.

  • Nutritious Yeast/Nooch:

  • Coconut Water

  • Coconut Cream/Milk (canned)

  • Coconut Aminos /Liquid Aminos/Soy: Hardly any soy would be used early postpartum but it's healthier friends are just fine. We keep all three in our house!

  • Coconut Flakes/Shreds: Unsweetened please

  • Hemp Seeds

  • Sesame Seeds

  • Regular Soup Broths: While the bone broth will be delivered to your door, standard soup broths are great to keep stocked up on. Ideally, organic we always have a few chicken stock, beef stock and veggie stock to use in place of water when a grain needs extra flavor, or a soup needs flavorful warming.

  • Chicken Livers: There are some recipes that might be for the more adventurous or open minded. Organ meat is tremendous for you especially when we are in the blood building stage.

  • Nut Butters

  • Sardines - these are in exactly ZERO recipes but if you inclined to eat these little fish, stock up as they are good for you!

  • Canned Tuna: Same reasons as above, be sure to get line caught quality albacore

  • Goji Berry: Don't stress if you don't have these little gems. They are great in infusions, nutrient dense, and tasty. Gr

  • Salmon Roe: Consider it, please? Yes, this feel fancy and luxurious but the little pops of flavor are jam-packed with good for you stuff. Used sparingly, a little can go a long way.

  • Nori Seaweed: Same reason as Chicken Livers

  • Fillo Dough: I mean, you are welcome to scratch make this.....but I don't bake, nor do I have time to learn so this is one of the very few 'short-cut' type item that I recommend. While it is technically processed, keep the ingredient list as short as possible. The Fillo Factory makes an organic fillo that can be found around. If not organic, don't overthink this one too much, we use it sparingly. The Bison HandPies aren't to be missed! There is also a Buckwheat Fillo that is gluten free.

  • Dark Chocolate Chips

  • Cacao Powder: This is not cocoa powder, it's her more bitter and more nutritions mother. Cacao medicine is powerful and a major asset in the flavor department once you know how to use it.

  • Mixed Berries (frozen): Of course, if we are in season and have access, fresh is BEST! However, it's not a bad idea to get a back up in your freezer. An easy one to get its the Good + Gather mixed berry at Target. Trader Joes also has some nice offering too. Essentially, we are looking for organic raspberry, blueberry, strawberry, blackberry mix.

  • Nut Mylks: This is not a dairy free program but a few things factor in when choosing a nut milk over cow milk. Cow milk is complex on the digestion, many people react to it and there is a small chance that baby could react as well (happened to me!). Dairy doesn't play well with other foods. In Ayurveda, dairy is often treated as medicinal food but not mixed with much else other than some spices. Cow milk and banana is a no go, cow milk and eggs are also a no go as they are very different foods that often 'lock' up the digestion when we are trying to gently reignite.

  • Vanilla Extract


While we will be providing some produce, the nature of a seasonal, local item can be precarious. Some items just aren't grown here or are very limited (i.e. avocado, citrus, sweet potato) but are vital in the repletion.

In general, MOST (not necessarily all) of the produce that you would need to pick up would be done before baby arrives. Any fresh items after baby is here will have plenty of advance notice.


Yes, this requires a whole other section. That's how important taking a look at your spice cabinet is in postpartum. Long ago I wrote, Six Everyday Spices and now


Some of the links COULD be affiliate links if I am organized enough to do this. As you probably know, affiliate links don't cost you more and might put a few cents (yes, that's it) in my pocket eventually.


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