Mixed Berry Chia Jam with Black Strap Molasses

In the pursuit of all things nutrient dense, tasty and PB & J, I created this lip puckering flavor bomb. Store bought jellies and jams are loaded with sugar and chemicals not found in nature. Who wants to eat that never mind feed it to your little one.

My criteria for most recipes lately (other than the obvious need for being nourishing & nutrient-dense) is simplicity. SBW works at keeping it pretty simple, we don't want a lot of steps OR dishes!

Chia seeds are perfect for this. Did you know they expand 27 times their size?! For this reason, don't eat them dry! Ayurvedically (don't think this is a word but it should be!), they promote deep hydration as they are mucilaginous, are sattvic (soothing while promoting balance in body and mind), are jam packed with fiber and our beloved Omegas.

Chia seeds are shown to reduce inflammation in the body due to their ratio of Omega-3 to Omega-6 fatty acids; they contain three times as many Omega-3 to Omega-6 oils in the seeds. The modern Western diet can skew as much as 30:1 Omega-6 to Omega-3; this is 200 times greater than the 1:6 ratio recommended for an anti-inflammatory diet. ~ Prashanti de Jagar

This is made with organic mixed berries but really you could use a solo berry. Just make sure they are organic.


-Two Cups of Mixed Berries

-3/4 Cup of Filtered Water

-One TBS of Black Strap Molasses

-Two TBS of Pure Maple Syrup

-3/4 tsp of Organic Vanilla Extract

-Four TBS Chia


-One TBS of Chia

-One tsp of Powdered Ginger


Put berries and water in a saute pan, bring to a boil and simmer until liquid is reduced. Begin to mash fruit so it releases its juices.

Add the remaining items except Chia. Remove from heat, if you want a smoother end result, use an immersion blender to break down fruit further and add chia after. Otherwise, add chia, mix and throw in a jar.