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Labor Snacks + Hospital Planning

EARLY LABOR NOURISHING: Bring pack to hospital

Lots of hydration. Keep eating plenty of little meals or snacks for sustained energy.

  • Flat Water or Infused Water or Warm Teas

  • Plain Coconut Water 

  • Sipping Bone Broth- (excellent for soothing abdomen, rich in collagen, often feels like a warm hug) 

  • Bananas (potassium & electrolyte replacement)

  • Raw Mixed Nuts (fuel, fats, energy)

  • Dates with Nut Butter (energy, sweet, tastes like Snickers! :)

  • Dark chocolate (small amounts -fuel, fat, energy)

  • Avocado

  • Hard-Boiled Egg or Scrambled Eggs(sustained energy)

  • Fresh berries (blueberries are excellent here - some folks freeze them)

  • Cheese, Hummus, Nut Butters

  • Popsicles

  • Honey Sticks Beyond the first Golden Hour:

  • I recommend continuing to focus on hydrating with with some Bone Broth or a lovely warm tea or milk tonic or room temp water with a squeeze of lemon/lime.

  • For the first meal in the hospital, it's great to bring along some congee or kitchari in a warm thermos (stick with a Dark Meat Chicken Congee or Kitchari Porridge that is both filling and nourishing). If you are unable to bring in your own food, ask for (steel cut) oats, soups, teas. Think warming and well cooked. 


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