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Frozen Grains

This is another often looked over but easy way to pull a meal together. You could conceivably freeze nearly any grain but here we focus on quinoa and rice.


  • Parchment

  • Cookie Sheet


  1. Cook the grain as you would normally, allow to cool completely

  2. Spread out over parchment (on the cookie sheet) and freeze. It's often recommended that you coat the cooked grain in a bit of tasteless oil so they don't stick together before freezing.

  3. Transfer to a smaller container.

When it’s time to eat your frozen cooked grains, simply toss them into the microwave, simmering sauce or boiling water until warmed through, being careful not to over-cook them. Unlike other foods, you shouldn’t thaw cooked grains in the fridge because this could give them a nasty gluely texture.


This is great to use to pull dinner or lunch together quickly - it doesn't not need to be thawed before cooking. Make a rice bowl, throw some in a soup, you get the idea!


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