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Freezer Fun

Freezing food is one of the areas that we must bend when talking about traditional kitchen. As soon as freezer boxes were created, civilizations were finding ways to use this to their advantage. Small Batch Wellness and therefore Purposeful Nourishment is grounded in Holistic Nutrition. We celebrate fresh food as paramount and while we wish to be alongside your always cooking fresh, the realities of modern life (compl

ete with social distancing) means that we must maximaixe our frezer,

All is not lost when freezing - there are buckets of reasons why freezing preserves nutrients and are often favored over .

First off, start off cleaning your freezer out. Get rid of old - the goal is to not have foods in there longer thatn XYZ

If you have a second fridge or deep freezer, clean that out as well.

While we will be freezing complete meals ready to go, we will also be rounding out out kitchen with some batch prep

  • Grains! Yes, this is a weird one but you absolutely can and should prepare some plain grains (and pseudograins) to be eaten later. This is not just for the postpartum person but also nourishment for support persons and siblings. Here is the best way to do this.

  • Sweet Potato- Yes, another odd one. Here we are going to use the strainer bags and essentially 'rice' sweet potato so we cook up quick and

  • Stewed Fruit

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