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Everyday Broth

Written by Alicia Sawtell from Birth Strong Doula. A woman of many talents, she's the other half to Anchored + Balanced - a combined effort of postpartum doula work with the deep nourishment guidance from Small Batch Wellness.

Here is what she wrote:

This broth is the foundation of much of my cooking...we sip it, we cook our grains in it, we add it to soups & all seasons this is a staple!

Chicken Bones

*I always buy whole chickens which I then roast so I have the bones OR bone in thighs so that I always have some bones on hand! Also, you can get chicken feet at local farms or butcher. These bones can be stored in freezer for use at a later time if you haven't the time to bake broth right away*


*2-3 whole cloves*

Ginger Root

*a small/medium sized whole knob of fresh ginger*


*Kombu, Kelp, Wakame… a few leaves of all or either one*


*One whole medium sized, OR onion skins saved from other cooking (I store these in the freezer with the chicken bones)*


*Handful of dried or fresh shitake or forest medley*

Salt & Pepper

*To taste*

Apple Cider Vinegar



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