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Basics of Postnatal Depletion

The truth is certain diets may help a person for awhile - it’s reflective of a lifestyle change and concentrated effort. And just as a rising tide lifts all boats, paying attention to what you consume has widespread effects that will be of benefit. Sustainability is the question that arises. To be clear, there are “diets” that help people prioritize food differently and may work for some time but we do not exist in a vacuum and the environment in our body changes so what might work now, may very well not work later. In school, we (holistic nutritionists) are taught to advocate for the change as the process and education is valuable and guide to a robust eating style that is rooted in plants (60%-80%) and utilizes properly sourced animal to complement.

Simply put, promoting low-inflammatory, nutrient-dense options, that are rich in ferments & good satiating fats. There aren’t any tricks to this. Anyone selling a meal replacement powder or package simply does not understand how food as medicine works.


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