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Ingredient Spotlight: Neem Oil

Oh boy! Where to begin with this luscious oil. Most don't get past it's smell but speaking from experience, with time, you might even come to enjoy it a bit. Given it's insane properties, most get over the nose factor and deal because the pay off is worth it. Adding a few drops of lavender therapeutic grade essential oil will help with it.

You may have seem Neem Oil in your gardening products because it's an excellent natural pesticide. I know what you are thinking - then how can this be good for my face?

Neem is so versatile, here are some of it's known uses: ~ healing small cuts and skin disorders including psoriasis, eczema, athletes foot, lice, dandruff, warts,

Natural pesticide that works on most of the creepy crawlies that attack the garden. Neem needs an emulsifier to keep it from separating from the water. We use peppermint castille (peppermint is also a bug repellant). We found that this may not work instantly (like chemicals) and take a day to work but it works excellently when applied regularly. There are pre-made Neem plant sprays you can find at most garden centers but we just make our own (what a surprise).

Also a natural tick and flea repellant for your pets by adding a few drops to your pet shampoo.


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