Nine Uses & Counting

1. Hair too clean? Need some taming? Conquer FLYAWAYS.
2. Toss in the TUB and add moisturizing and healing.
3. SHAVE your legs and pits in a pinch! You will not have razor burn and in fact, your skin will feel smooth and not irritated. No need for any other chemical-filled shaving cream. Just rinse the razor well and it won't get jammed.
4. Eyebrow SCULPTOR without being heavy or greasy. Yes, this is a thing. The bearded one has been known to use it his beard in a pinch too.
5. Excellent for your CUTICLES and hands in general. Much like a "hard-working hands" cream. This will not leave slimy hands behind and will help with healing and keep them hand-model ready.
6. LIPS - No more chapstick with alcohol in it. Since this stays solid (unless it's REALLY warm), you can travel with this easily. It comes with a COTTEN, untreated, muslin bag for carrying.
7. Tis the season for dry, cracked HEELS. Apply this nightly and awake to a softer, more gentle foot. :)
8. Dying your hair? A quick sweep of the Body Buddy will prevent many hair dyes (you are steering away from conventional hair dyes, right?) and no stains will stay. Yes, this is also 'a thing' :)
9. Just out of the SHOWER? This little guy is perfect at preventing the dry skin that winter and hot showers bring on.

We make these in different shapes and scents upon request.

Body Buddy

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    Shea Butter

    Raw Cocoa Butter

    Vitamin E

    Neem Oil

    Lavender Essential Oil

    Tea Tree Essential Oil


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