Take control of your labwork.

Reclaim ownership of your
medical information.

Ordering labwork on your own is an excellent step to understanding your full health picture. 

We are proud to offer another tool as an option for folks looking to gain a deeper understanding of their health status.  

People choose this route often if....

.... they don't have traditional medical insurance

.... their doctor does not understand why you might be interested in these labs. They may say there is no medical reason for it.

.... they don't have a doctor

.... they want full control of their labwork including what is ordered and the timing, regardless of the reason. 

.... they want to measure changes to results with regular, frequent testing.

...  it's safe, confidential and convenient. Labs are located through the country. 


We have partnered with YourLabWork.com to offer competitive pricing. 

You will be....

.... ordering the labs yourself.  We can help and suggest tests.

.... in control of your private information.

.... receiving the results back directly

... paying YourLabWork.com directly


If you would like to order labs, please use:




This is a direct, affiliate link.  We partnered with YourLabWork.com as they provide the most competitive pricing, at 50 - 80% less than you would pay elsewhere. This provides you with a safe, confidential way of accessing your own health information.  A small percentage of the purchase goes to support the work here at Small Batch Wellness and costs you nothing!

So PLEASE be sure to use the above link only. :)


Please note, we are not medical doctors and cannot receive your lab results directly from the lab, nor diagnose.  It is the responsibility of the client to share results with their healthcare providers. 

What we can do is share with you optimal functioning ranges for labs, guide you to resources to help you understand your labs, share with you nutritional, food, lifestyle and supplements you may want to consider.