We love supporting mothers in any way we can. We are thrilled to offer ongoing support to postpartum families no matter their circumstance or location.


One of the ways we do this is by providing support virtually in whatever capacity that is needed - we have an ‘open skate’ philosophy where no subject is off limits.


We are here to answer questions, offer encouragement and guidance. To provide evidence-based information to you and your partner.


Virtual Ongoing Support

  • Postpartum Care Plan:
    We will talk about a plan covering generalized support, meal plans, recipes, easy grab & go shopping lists, as well as herbal support custom made for the individual's needs.

  • Enlist Help:
    We will talk about enlisting the help of friends and family as well as steer them with specific ways to help you. Everything from a meal train, recommended recipes, and even a drop off /prep schedule. We can send information that can be printed & shared amongst family and friends.

  • Mother Professionals:
    Referrals to professionals that are local to the mother including Postpartum Doulas, Chiropractors, Acupuncturists, Lactation Specialists as well as local Mothering Support Groups.

  • It takes a village:
    We will work together to build up a village of support around you so you feel supported and heard.

How it works...

  • Simply reserve the amount of time to get you started, we recommend a minimum of three hours. ($60)

  • As things pop up, we chat, we message, we email, we discuss, we plan. We use all forms of modern communication but our favorite is the Marco Polo video messaging app since it’s easy and quick and the closest thing to having an in-person conversation. We also love Snapchat, Whats App, Skype, GChat, Texts and Calls too!

  • We chip away at the time as it’s used, it does not need to be reserved in advance, it does not need to be used at once.

  • When you’ve used 80% of your time, we will let you know and you can decide to add on from there as little as an hour ($20) or wait to sign up for more when needed.

If you are looking for that special postpartum support, whether you have one or multiple children Megan is your women. She is kind and compassionate. She knows what she is talking about and makes your feel comfortable with whatever you need in your postpartum care. I am
Not fortunate enough to live close enough to have her come to my home and help. But we talk weekly and she guides me in the proper vitamins and nutrition and emotional support one needs after giving birth. I was desperate for someone like her in my life after having my daughter and I am so thankful I have found her. ~A. Hockney

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New Hampshire, Massachusetts & Beyond