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The kitchen is often referred to as the heart of a home. 

When you are warming a kitchen, you are warming a family.

What an extraordinary privilege!

Preparing fresh foods for brand new parents & 
being allowed to hold space during this most sacred and dear time is an honor. 

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Many of these are universal ancestral postpartum foods.  

While the base recipe does not go out of season, we try to feature local, seasonal foods layered in. 
We may make changes from time to time to reflect the most beneficial options.


The foods listed here are a SAMPLING of some

postpartum meals available for ONSITE COOKING.

These food selections in particular are ideal for the early postpartum days.

Additional food choices will be sent along after our exploratory chat. 

We have additional menu selections as we move deeper into the Fourth Trimester.
Additional food selections will be sent along after our exploratory chat. 

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