Meg officially became a Certified Holistic Nutritionist in the fall of 2017 just as she was finishing up her 4th Trimester. Her postpartum journey led her to focus her nutrition practice on serving postpartum families for the year after childbirth.


Blending her holistic nutrition studies and her studies of Ayurveda, TCM & folk herbalism, she feels that mothers need stronger support after having a baby.  The profound shift that happens when we grow our family often means that much of the attention transfers to the baby. Understandably!  However, it's critical for the mother and babies health to restore balance. 


Further, Meg believes support longer than the traditional 4th trimester/maternity leave to heal and nourish their new body and family. She feels that reclaiming this time and educating mothers and families about how to rebalance their new life must be at the forefront of our community. A food is medicine approach is taken and NOT a diet. This is NOT about getting back to your original dress size but about healing, nourishing and supporting this profound change. Rejecting the bounce back culture we have in the US, and working with mothers with her no-diet approach. 


Summer 2018 and 2019, Megan was the recipient of a scholarship for Postpartum Doula studies. Although she has no plans to work solely as a PP Doula, she feels as though any insight and knowledge gained by these studies will only serve to assist her nutrition clients.


Before pursuing nutrition and creating SBW with her partner Josh, Meg's background consists of hospitality and event planning providing a concierge-level of service for various types of clientele.





  • Ayurvedic Postpartum Doula  - Ongoing

  • Fourth Trimester Food with MagaMama & Centehua Sage - 2018

  •   Reiki I - 2016












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